Groundwater Laboratory

Laboratory facilities

pressure cells for drainage experiments

  • 15 pressure cells for parallel drainage
  • pressure steps up to 1 bar
  • automatic data acquisition of the drained water volume of each pressure cell separately



flume for 2D seepage experiments, unsaturated

  • size: 80 cm x 50 cm x 10 cm, pipe leak: 40 cm above bottom
  • segmented bottom for differenciated outflow measurement
  • holes in regular raster (10 cm x 8 cm) for installation of mirco tensiometers


flume for 2D experiments, saturated

  • size: 3,17 cm x 1,25 m x 0,25 m, ein Ende: one side: vertical seperated filter screens (GCW)                                                 other side:complete filter screen (general flow)
  • front: glass front
  • backside: high density of sampling points in the area of the ciculation flow


Columns for 1D-experiments  

  • 3 stainless steel + 1 glass column (d = 10,8 cm, L = 50,0 cm)
  • sampling points in 4 diefferetn levels and several azimut angles
  • connection to closed water system