Academic courses

Academic courses are offered by the IfH within the diploma curriculum in “Civil Engineering” at the University of Karlsruhe. This includes fundamental and applied lecture courses in the area of hydromechanics, technical hydraulics, environmental fluid mechanics, and aerodynamics. Instruction covers the theoretical foundations as well as experimental simulation and computational methods. Applications are offered through practice-oriented examples, special projects and demonstration in the fluid mechanics instructional laboratory.

Diploma students in the specialty area “Water and environment” are offered a broad spectrum of experimental and numerical solution methods to selected engineering problems,  in form of diploma thesis projects, often related to ongoing research activities. Multiple contacts and cooperations with foreign institutions provide further opportunities for student exchanges.

Regularly scheduled field trips and multiple-day excursions allow a connection between academic knowldege and practical applications. Tutorials and advising sessions, also over the internet, are offered to the students.


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