Institute for Hydromechanics


Fundamental research at the IfH is aimed at an improved understanding of fluid mechanical phenomena in water and air fluid systems. These fluids are investigated in their natural context, in inland and coastal waters, in groundwater, and in the atmosphere as well as in technical systems and structures. Not only the physical aspects of flow behavior are of interest, but also their interactions to chemical, biological and thermal transport processes and associated transformation, and reaction characteristics.

Applied research activities at the IfH include consulting and design studies in civil engineering (applications in hydraulic and aerodynamic engineering), in environmental engineering (waste water processes, air and water quality, groundwater remediation technologies), and in industrial process engineering. Such projects are carried out under contracts from state and communal agencies, consulting companies, and industry.


Fields of Activity

DNS Result Numerical Fluid Mechanics (NFM)

Wirbelablösungen Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM)

Trinkwasserspeicher Technical Hydraulics

Dammdurchsickerung Groundwater

Lichtschnitt Building- and Environmental Aerodynamics


Research Facilities

The research is supported by ample experimental and computer-assisted research facilities.

Academic Courses

Academic courses are offered by the IfH within the bachelor & master and diploma curriculum in “Civil Engineering” at the KIT. This includes fundamental and applied lecture courses in the area of hydromechanics, technical hydraulics, environmental fluid mechanics, and aerodynamics. Instruction covers the theoretical foundations as well as experimental simulation and computational methods. Applications are offered through practice-oriented examples, special projects and demonstration in the fluid mechanics instructional laboratory.