Institute for Hydromechanics

Groundwater Flow around Structures

  • type:
  • semester: SS 2019
  • time:

    11:30 - 13:00 wöchentlich
    10.81 Raum 305 Bibl. ISL
    10.81 Bauingenieure, Altes Bauingenieurgebäude

  • lecturer: Ph.D. Luca Trevisan
  • sws: 2
  • lv-no.: 6221815

The course is intended to explain hydrogeological processes occurring around underground structures and to provide tools to solve the most common problems associated with stability of such structures. Some bench-scale physical experiments will be used to familiarize the students with the theoretical concepts through a practical approach.

Content of teaching

The course will cover topics related to groundwater hydrology and geotechnical engineering:

  • Properties of porous medium
  • Groundwater movement
  • Potential theory and flow nets
  • Subsurface characterization
  • Soil strength and stress balance
  • Water-induced instabilities


Some applications related to the topics taught during the course include:

  • Water level abatement for dry excavations
  • Relationship between groundwater extraction and ground subsidence
  • Interaction between groundwater and linear structures (tunnels, drains)
  • Interaction between groundwater and hydraulic structures (dams)

This master-level course deals with the groundwater effects on soil stability and underground structures.