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Final Papers & Research Projects

The Institute for Hydromechanics works on both practice-related research projects and fundamental research tasks addressing fluid mechanical (water- and atmospheric flows) and hydraulic problems and approaching them in an analytical, experimental and numerical way.  Subject areas for research papers or bachelor's and master's theses – also in cooperation with authorities and universities in other countries – are offered by our four research groups:


  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Technical Hydraulics (TH)
  • Building and Environmental Aerodynamics (LGU)


Information & Coordination


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dr.-Ing. Agathe Chouippe
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-43948
agathe chouippeQag2∂kit edu


Technical Hydraulics/Environmental Fluidmechanics

Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Lang
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-43845
cornelia langDiz1∂kit edu


Building and Environmental Aerodynamics

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bodo Ruck
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-43897
bobo ruckFnt3∂kit edu



Angelika Fels
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-42200 /47245
angelika felsFuu4∂kit edu