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Theses Projects Currently Offered
Title Supervisor Type Date
Master Thesis immediately or per agreement
Master Thesis Immediately possible
Master Thesis as of September 2018
Master Thesis Immediately possible

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bodo Ruck
Dr.-Ing. Christof Gromke

Master Thesis Immediately possible

Final Papers & Research Projects

The Institute for Hydromechanics works on practice-related research projects as well as fundamental research tasks addressing fluid mechanical (water- and atmospheric flows) and hydraulic problems, approaching them in an analytical, experimental and numerical way.
All our research groups offer subject areas and projects for BA or MA theses - also in cooperation with other authorities or universities. For further information please contact: 


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Markus Scherer M.Sc.
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-44887
markus schererFoh9∂kit edu


  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM)

Dr. Victor Dupuis
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-44103
victor dupuisOux7∂kit edu


  • Buildung and Environmental Aerodynamics (LGU)

Dr.-Ing. Christof Gromke
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-47307
gromkeJup3∂kit edu


  • Administration

Angelika Fels
Tel. +49 (0)721-608-47245
angelika felsJes9∂kit edu