Doktoranden- und Forschungsseminar Hydromechanik

Date Referee Title
25.10.2022 Michael Krayer / CANCELLED A hydrodynamical perspective on the turbulent transport of bacteria in rivers
15.11.2022 Prof. Jähne / Heidelberg New concepts to investigate the mechanisms of air-sea gas transfer in the re-engineered Heidelberg Aeolotron

Darek Bogucki, Texas A&M (online)

Turbulent dissipation under non breaking waves

Henrik Schmieder (M.Sc.Thesis Presentation)

Numerical simulation of flow in lateral intakes of fishways with and with-out driftwood retention
17.01.2023 Swagat Kumar Nayak Viscous implementation of compressible flows
31.01.2023 Dr. Gauthier Rousseau, TU Vienna

An experimental investigation of turbulent free-surface flows over index matched steep permeable beds

14.02.2023 Artjom Hermann (M.Sc. Thesis Presentation) Turbulent structures and sediment motion around a wall-mounted cylinder in an open channel