Institute for Hydromechanics
Bodo Ruck

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bodo Ruck

Research activities

  • Fluid mechanics: Environmental aerodynamics, building aerodynamics, boundary layer flow, turbulence, transport and exchange processes, two-phase and more-phase flows. bio-fluid mechanics, experimental and numerical methods
  • Environmental problems: Strong wind, damages of natural and technical structures caused by wind, pollutant dispersaltransport processes in flows, wind shelter, city climate, particle deposition, flue gas dispersion, cold air production
  • Measuring technology in fluid mechanics: Development of non-contact, laser-optical fluid and particle measuring systems, methods of laser anemometry, wind tunnel techniques, real-time image processing, development of tomography techniques, imaging and space capturing measuring technique

Selected publications

  • Ruck, B., Makiola, B., 1988: "Particle Dispersion in  a  Single-Sided Backward-Facing Step Flow", Int. J. of Multiphase Flow, 14, 6, 787-800
  • B.Ruck, E.Adams, 1991: " Fluid Mechanical Aspects in  the  Pollutants Transport to Coniferous Trees", Boundary Layer Meteorology, 56, 163-195
  • Ruck,  B.,  1993:  "Wind-Tunnel  Measurements of Flow  Field Characteristics  Around  a  Heated Model Building",  Journal  of  Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 50, Elsevier, pp. 139-152
  • Ruck,  B.,  1994: "Ein neues laseroptisches Verfahren zur  Sichtbarmachung und Echtzeit-Vektorisierung von Strömungsfeldern", Laser und Optoelektronik, 26, Heft 5, 67-71
  • Ruck, B., Pavlovski, B., 1998: "Entwicklung eines Laserlichtschnitt-Tomographiesystems zur Erfassung von Strömungsstrukturen", Laser & Optoelektronik, 30 (4), S. 61-70