Dr.-Ing. Christof Gromke

Theses Projects
Title Supervisor Type Date
Bachelor or Master Thesis Immediately or on agreement
Master Thesis Immediately or on agreement

Research Interests & Professional Career

Research Areas

  • Building and Environmental Aerodynamics
  • Urban Climatology and Meteorology
  • Please note in this context a TV-report from the Bayrischer Rundfunk (in German), produced for the science programs „Gut zu Wissen“ (BR) and „Xenius“ (Arte): the study examines tree-lined alleys and hedgerows in urban street canyons, addressing their influences on natural ventilation and vehicle emissions.

Specific Research Interests

  • Flow and turbulence in and above plant canopies
  • Pollutant dispersion in the urban environment
  • Wind erosion (soil and snow) and sheltering effect of vegetation
  • Vegetative climate change adaptation measures for urban heat islands

Selected Publications

  • Papp, B., Kristof, G., Gromke, C. (2021) Application and assessment of a GPU-based LES method for predicting dynamic wind loads on buildings, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Vol. 217, 104739 [DOI]
  • Gromke, C., Ruck, B. (2021) Passenger car-induced lateral aerodynamic loads on cyclists during overtaking. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Vol. 209, 104489 [DOI]
  • Gromke, C., Ruck, B. (2018) On Wind Forces in the Forest Edge Region during Extreme Gust Passages and Their Implications for Damage Patterns. Boundary-Layer Meteorology [DOI]
  • Gromke, C., Jamarkattel, N., Ruck, B. (2016) Influence of roadside hedgerows on air quality in urban street canyons. Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 139, pp. 75-86 [DOI]
  • Gromke, C., Blocken, B., Janssen, W., Merema, B., van Hooff, T., Timmermans, H. (2015) CFD analysis of transpirational cooling by vegetation: Case study for specific meteorological conditions during a heat wave in Arnheim, Netherlands. Building and Environment, Vol. 82, 16 [DOI]
  • Gromke, C., Horeneder, S., Walter, B., Lehning, M. (2014) Snow particle characteristics in the saltation layer. Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 60, pp. 1-9 [DOI]
  • Burri, K., Gromke, C., Graf, F. (2013) Mycorrhizal fungi protect the soil from wind erosion: A wind tunnel study, Land Degradation and Development, Vol. 24, pp. 385-392. [DOI]
  • Gromke, C. (2011) A vegetation modeling concept for Building and Environmental Aerodynamics wind tunnel tests and its application in pollutant dispersion studies, Environmental Pollution, Vol. 159, pp. 2094-2099. [DOI]
  • Gromke, C., Ruck, B. (2009) On the impact of trees on dispersion processes of traffic emissions in street canyons, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, Vol.131, pp. 19-34. [DOI]
  • Gromke, C., Buccolieri, R., Di Sabatino, S., Ruck, B. (2008) Dispersion study in a street canyon with tree planting by means of wind tunnel and numerical investigations - Evaluation of CFD data with experimental data, Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 42, pp. 8640-8650. [DOI]

More comprehensive publication list

Professional Career & Activities 

  • Dipl.-Ing. Civil Engineering with focus Structural Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, Germany (2004)
  • Research assistant at Institute for Hydromechanics, University of Karlsruhe, Germany (2004-2008): PhD thesis - Pollutant dispersion in urban street canyons with avenue-trees (2008),
  • Research associate at Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos, Switzerland (2008-2012): Wind tunnel and field studies of snow/soil atmosphere exchange processes
  • Research fellow (Marie Curie) at Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands (2012-2014): Numerical simulation of flow, pollutant dispersion and climate change adaptation measures in the built environment
  • Research assistant at KIT Institute for Hydromechanics, group: Laboratory for Building- and Environmental Aerodynamics (2014- ): Storm damages in forest stands, interaction between extreme gusts and forest edges