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Journal Papers 2018

Gromke, C., Ruck, B. (2018) On Wind Forces in the Forest Edge Region during Extreme ust Passages and Their Implications for Damage Patterns. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, Vol. 168, Issue 2, pp 269–288 [DOI]


Arranz G., Gonzalo A., Uhlmann M., Flores O., and García-Villalba M. (2018) A numerical study of the flow around a model winged seed in auto-rotation. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, 101(2):477-497 [DOI]


Chouippe, A. and Uhlmann, M. (2018) On the influence of forced homogeneous-isotropic turbulence on the settling and clustering of finite-size particles, Acta Mechanica, pp 1-26 [DOI]


Rawat, S., Chouippe, A., Zamansky, R., Legengre, D., Climent, E. (2018) Drag modulation in turbulent boundary layers subject to different bubble injection strategies, Computers and Fluids [DOI]


Rouzes M., Moulin F.Y., Florens E. and Eiff O. (2018), Low relative-submergence effects in a rough-bed open-channel flow, Journal of Hydraulic Research, published online [DOI]

Arranz G., Moriche M., Uhlmann M., Flores O., and García-Villalba M. (2018) Kinematics and dynamics of the auto-rotation of a model winged seed. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 13(3):036011 [DOI]

Akutina, Y., Mydlarski, L., Gaskin, S. and Eiff, O. (2018) Error analysis of 3D-PTV through unsteady interfaces. Experiments in Fluids59(3), p.53 [DOI]

Gromke, C. (2018) Wind tunnel model of the forest and its Reynolds number sensitivity, Journal of Wind Engineering & Industrial Aerodynamics 175:53–64, 2018 [DOI]