Dr. Yulia Akutina

Forschungsinteressen & Werdegang

Research Interests
My scientific interests lie in the general field of fluid mechanics. In particular, boundary-layer turbulence and coherent structures, shear instability and mixing, secondary currents in channel flows, gravity waves and seiching. I am an experimentalist studying fluids by the means of optical measurement techniques such as, particle tracking velocimetry, 2D, stereo- or scanning particle image velocimetry.  I am also interested in advancing these measurement methods as well as quantifying the uncertainties.


  • Ph.D., McGill University; Montréal, Canada (2015)
  • Diploma, Lomonoscov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (2009)

Peer-reviewed Publications
  • Akutina, Y.; Eiff, O.; Moulin, F. Y.; Rouzes, M. (2019) Lateral bed-roughness variation in shallow open-channel flow with very low submergence, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 19 (5), 1339–1361. [DOI]  
  • Akutina, Y.; Revil-Baudard, T.; Chauchat, J.; Eiff, O. (2020) Experimental evidence of settling retardation in a turbulence column, Physical review fluids, 5 (1), Art.-Nr. 014303. [DOI
  • Akutina, Y.; Mydlarski, L.; Gaskin, S.; Eiff, O. (2018) Error analysis of 3D-PTV through unsteady interfaces, Experiments in fluids, 59 (3), Art.Nr. 53. [DOI
  • Revil-Baudard, T., Akutina, Y., Eiff, O., (2018)  Scaling analysis for the effective fall-velocity of large particles settling in a turbulent fluid. Under revision in Journal of Fluid Mechanics.
  • Frolova, N. L., Kireeva, M. B., Magrickiy, D. V., Bologov, M. B., Kopylov, V. N., Hall, J., . . . Akutina, Y., . . . Belyakova, P. A. (2017). Hydrological hazards in Russia: Origin, classification, changes and risk assessment. Natural Hazards, 88, 103-131. [DOI
  •  Akutina, Y., Gaskin, S., and Mydlarski, L. (2016). 3D-PTV in a shallow embayment. Proceedings of the International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, River Flow 2016, 321-327.
  • Akutina, Y., Gaskin, S. J., and Mydlarski, L. B. (2014). Entrainment mechanisms in river embayments. Proceedings of the International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, River Flow 2014, 31-37.