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Turbulent Flows

Research concerns the investigation of turbulent flow as well as heat and mass transport processes in water and air. The main work is carried out in the area of numerical calculation of turbulent flows as they occur in different fields of hydraulic, building aerodynamics as well as the related areas of mechanical and chemical engineering. Depending on the task, the simulation of the always complex turbulence phenomena is performed with different methods: For more application-oriented calculation, statistical (RANS) turbulence models are used (variants of the k-e model), while the focus of research is in the area of large-eddy simulation (LES) in which the large-scale turbulent motions are resolved numerically. Recently, also direct numerical simulations (DNS) habe been taken up. For supporting the development of calculation models and also for providing  verifications data, parallel experimental investigations are carried out.

  • Prediction of the effects of river regulation measures on flow and sediment transport.


  • Optimizaton of the flow and sedimentation processes in secondary clarifiers using different baffles.


  • Calculation of the complex flow and scalar transport processes around buildings as weill as detailed laboratory measurements

  • Calculation of the flow around vehicles and aeroplanes as well as the flow and heat transfer in turbomachinery components 


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