Institute for Hydromechanics
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Dr.-Ing. Camilo Cardenas

Research Interests

  • - Turbulent flows and mixing
  • - Jet flows / Jet in crossflow
  • - Aerodynamics
  • - Shar instability and mixing
  • - Optical measurement techniques, i.a.: LDA, PIV, LIF, LII

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Galeazzo F.C.C., Cárdenas C., Seldmaier J., [...], Krebs W. (2013). Computational modeling of turbulent mixing in a jet in crossflow. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow  v. 41, p. 55-65
  • Cárdenas C., […] Zarzalis N. (2011). Measurement of a Benchmarking Jet in Crossflow Configuration under highly turbulent conditions, in Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo 2011: Power for Land, Sea and Air.
  • Cárdenas C., Suntz R., und Bockhorn H. (2009) Simultane 2D-LIF/PIV zur Untersuchug turbulenter Vermischung in einer Jet-in-Crossflow-Konfiguration. In Fachtagung "Laser Methoden in der Stömungsmesstechnik" (GALA), Erlangen, 8.-10. September 2009, p. 48-59
  • Cárdenas C., Suntz R., Denev J.A. und Bockhorn H. (2007) Two-dimensional estimation of Reynolds fluxes and stresses in a Jet-in-Crossflow arrangement by simultaneous 2D-LIF and PIV. Applied Physics B - Laser and Optics, 88(4), 581-591
  • Cárdenas C., Denev J.A., Suntz R., und Bockhorn H. (2012) Study of parameters and entrainment of a jet in cross-flow arrangement with transition at two low Reynolds numbers - Experiments in fluids.