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Welcome to the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences!

Please find enclosed some information you might find useful prior or during your studies at KIT:

Language Skills

We require foreign exchange students to have a German language certificate in order to be able to follow the lectures at the faculty of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences - the majority of which are held exclusively in German. The German language level recommended at the time of application (i.e. on June 1st / December 1st) is at least B1‐level, obligatory is A2-level. 

If a student wishes to attend English‐taught lectures (e.g. in the Master Program Water Science & Engineering) or write his/her final thesis in English, proof of English knowledge (at least B2‐level) should be provided. 

Certificates do not necessarily need to be from the Goethe Institute/TOEFL/IELTS. We also accept certificates issued by your university or issued by another language school. However, we will not accept simple certificates of attendance.

Course Selection

Information on current lectures can be found in our KIT External Link university calendar (Make sure to 'select' the right semester in the scroll-down menu at the upper right side). A list of English taught courses you can find here.

Information about the course content, the examination regulation, the course structure as well as the ECTS credited can be found in the Module Handbooks


Learning Agreement

Please use the current form of the Learning Agreement (download) if you apply or have to change your Learning Agreement.

You may change the Learning Agreement up to 5 weeks after the teaching period has started. 
Please use the section 'During the Mobility' of the Learning Agreement (page 3) and list the courses you need to change. The modified - fully signed! - Learning Agreement needs to be submitted by May 22, 2020.
Note: the Learning Agreement is only valid when signed by the ERASMUS Coordinator for Civil Engineering Prof. Eiff. Please contact his office for an appointment: angelika.fels∂ or Tel. 0721-608-47245.
In addition, the Learning Agreement provides the information for exam registration. You can only select exams for the courses listed in your final Learning Agreement.


Exam Registration

The lecture period in SS 2020 goes from 20.04.20 - 24.07.2020. Afterwards (starting 27.07.2020) the exam period starts and you have to register for your exams through the CAMPUS Study Portal.
Exam dates and registration deadlines will be posted through the ILIAS system.
It is important that you register for your exams PRIOR to the exam dates or according to the posted deadlines.

If you are not able to take the regular exam or need special assistance, it is very important that you clarify early in the semester with each lecturer the terms of your exam (oral vs. written, exact date).

The Study Certificate will be available for download through the CAMPUS Study Portal up to 6 months after your exmatriculation. 


For any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Coordinator Erasmus & Overseas Exchange Students
for Civil Engineering / Water Science & Engineering:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Eiff
Angelika Fels

erasmus-civilUqn4∂bgu kit edu
Office Hours: Mo - Thu 9h00 - 13h00 or by appoinment
Erasmus Offfice +49-721-608-47245