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Completed Bachelor Theses

Bachelor Theses at IfH (since 2013)





Mayer, Nicole 2016 Ruck Messung der Ausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit von Fallböen in bebautem Gebiet
Scherer, Markus 2015 Lang, Zentgraf (BAW) Analysis and evaluation of logged ship passages using hydrodynamic-numerical flow simulations on the Rhine river (in German)
Manner, Christina 2015 Lang, Hentschel (BAW) Sediment deposits in a river enlargement: investigations in a hydraulic model fpr optimization of a micro groin (in German)
Garcia-Herrero, Maria 2015 Uhlmann Numerical investigation of the influence of decaying Taylor-Green votices on the settling of one circular particle
Hess, Luisa 2015 Ruck Design and construction of a wind tunnel for flow visualization of partially porous coated circular cylinders (in German)
Eggs, Florian 2015 Ruck Construction of an experimental set-up for the simulation of downdrafts and verification measurements (in German)
Michalik, Jacob 2014 Lang Investigation of water hammer phenomenas in a model test facility (in German)
Schneider, Christian 2014 Lang, in Zusammenarbeit mit der BAW Evaluation of model investigations from Univeristy of Braunschweig concerning sourcing through propeller wash of modern inland water vessels (in German)
Wans, Stephan 2014 Ruck Optimization of a measurement chamber for the simulation of tornados (in German)
Baier, Carolin 2014 Lang Experimental investigation of head loss in pipe constrictions of variable length (in German)
Förschler, Christian 2014 Lang Sediment deposits in a river enlargement: investigations in a hydraulic model (in German)
Kempf, Felix 2014 Müller (IMB), ko-betreut am IfH (Lang) Development of a model test for reduction of pumping tests of cement suspensions (in German)
Herbst, Jacob 2014 Lang Determining local loss coefficients in pipe fittings - laboratory measurements (in German)
Strobel, Hannah 2014 Lang, in Zusammenarbeit mit der BAW Investigation of flow structures in a hydraulic model of the funnel shaped junction of the Elbe-Seitenkanal (ESK) into the river Elbe (in German)
Schneider, Simeon 2014 Uhlmann Simulation of finite-size particle falling in a Taylor-Green vortex flow (in German)
Müller, Thilo 2013 Ruck Determination of drag coefficients of leafs (in German)
Bartels, Leonard 2013 Mohrlok Untersuchungen zum Temperatureinfluss auf Druckmessungen mittels Tensiometer