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Journal Papers 2012

García-Villalba, M., Kidanemariam, A.G., Uhlmann, M. (2012) DNS of verical plane channel flow with finite-size particles: Voronoi analysis, acceleration statistics and particle-conditioned averaging, Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 46:54-74 [DOI]


Kawahara, G., Uhlmann, M., Van Veen, L. (2012) The significance of simple invariant solutions in turbulent flows, Ann. Rev. Fluid Mech., 44:203-225 [DOI]


Ruck, B., Frank, C., Tischmacher, M. (2012) On the influence of windward edge structure and stand density on the flow characteristics at forest edges, European Journal of Forest Research, 131:177–189, Springer-Verlag [DOI]


Gromke, C., Ruck, B. (2012) Pollutant Concentrations in Street Canyons of Different Aspect Ratio with Avenues of Trees for Various Wind Directions, Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 144:41-64, 2012. [DOI]


Träumner, K., Wieser, A., Ruck, B., Frank, Röhner, L., Kottmeier, Ch., The feasibility of Doppler Lidar to characterize the wind field above forest edges, Forestry, 85:399-412, 2012. [DOI]