Institute for Hydromechanics

Doktoranden- und Forschungsseminar Hydromechanik

  • type: Seminar (S)
  • semester: SS 2020
  • time:

    15:45 - 17:15 (see agenda)
    10.81 Theodor-Rehbock-HS (HS59)

  • lecturer:

    Prof. Dr. Olivier Eiff
    Prof. Dr. Markus Uhlmann

  • sws: 1
  • lv-no.: 6221001


Date Referee Title
28.04.2020 Michael Krayer Clustering of transiently settling particles in turbulent open-channel flow
26.05.2020 Gonzalo Arranz A coupled immersed boundary method and dynamic algorithm for the study of the fluid-structure interaction of multi-body systems (via Zoom)
16.06.2020 Daniel Hettmann

A numerical study on the Drafting-Kissing-Tumbling scenario for non-spherical particles (via Zoom)

97.07.2020 Antoine Morente DNS of stratified channel flows: Investigating the modification of the structure of turbulence induced by the presence of spherical particles (via Zoom)
21.07.2020 Victor Dupuis to be announced