Technical Hydraulics (TH)

This research division is concerned with hydraulic and fluid mechanical problems that guarantee technically safe and environmentally acceptable design and operation of hydraulic structures and systems. Physical model studies, as well as analytical and numerical methods are utilized to arrive at innovative design solutions.


  • Design of flow control structures such as weirs, sluice gates, inlet and other structues.
  • Evaluation of hydrodynamic loads on steel control devices, including design safety.      
  • Computation of open channel flow and backwater curves (e.g. numerical program HEC-RAS).
  • Studies on channel bed stability and design of energy dissipation structures.
  • Investigation of closed conduit and pipe flow systems, including local energy losses for special geometries, pipe network design.
  • Hydraulic optimization of water supply and waste water treatment installations, including design of disposal structures for cooling water or treated waste water discharges into different water bodies; studies on flows containing sediment or gas mixtures.
  • Development of physical modeling techniques and measurement methods

    Research Topics:
    • Hydrodynamic forces on buildings
    • Flow induced oscillations, forces, and bending moments
    • Fluid mechanical optimization of facilities in water treatment technology
    • Unsteady motions in canals and pipe networks
    • Discharge processes in step-shaped discharge facilities

    Research facilities