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Dr.-Ing. Aman Kidanemariam

wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Gruppe: Turbulente Strömungen
Raum: 104, Geb. 10.81
Tel.: +49 721 608-44887
kidanemariamDsm9∂kit edu

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Lehre im WS 2015/2016
Titel Typ Semester
Vorlesung/Übung (VÜ) WS 16/17
Vorlesung / Übung (VÜ) WS 16/17
Vorlesung (V) / Übung (Ü) SS 2016

Titel Ansprechpartner

Markus Uhlmann, Aman G. Kidanemariam, Manuel Garcia-Villalba (UC3M Madrid)

Aman Kidanemariam, Markus Uhlmann

Forschungsinteressen & Ausgewählte Publikationen

  • Dense/Dilute Particulate Flows
  • Sediment Transport
  • Particle-Turbulence Interaction
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • High Performance Computing


Peer-reviewed journal publications:

  • Mazzuoli, M., Kidanemariam, A.G., Blondeaux, P., Vittori, G. and Uhlmann, M. (2015) On the formation of sediment chains in an oscillatory boundary layer. J. Fluid Mech. [DOI]
  • Kidanemariam, A.G., Uhlmann, M., Interface-resolved direct numerical simulations of the erosoin of a granular bed sheared by laminar channel flow, Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 67:174-188, 2014 [DOI]
  • Kidanemariam, A.G., Uhlmann, M., Direct numerical simulation of pattern formation in subaqueous sediment, J. Fluid. Mech., 750:R2 (13 pages), 2014. [DOI]
  • Kidanemariam, A.G., Chan-Braun, C., Doychev, T., Uhlmann, M., Direct numerical simulation of horizontal open channel flow with finite-size, heavy particles at low solid volume fraction, New Journal of Physics, 15(2):025031, 2013. [DOI]
  • Garcia-Villalba, M., Kidanemariam, A.G., and Uhlmann, M., DNS of vertical plane channel flow with fitite-size particles: Voronoi analysis, acceleration statistics and particle-conditioned averaging. Int. J. Multiphase Flow, 46:54-74, 2012. [DOI]

Conference Contributions:

  • Kidanemariam, A.G., Uhlmann, M., 2014, "DNS of the initiation of subaqueous sedimentzary patterns in a horizontal channel flow", 10. Euromech European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Copenhagen (Denmark), September 2014. [link]
  • Uhlmann, M., Doychev, T., Kidanemariam, A.G., Chouippe, A., 2014, "The immersed boundary method as a tool for studying turbulence-particle interactions", ICNMMF-II, Darmstadt (Germany), June 2014. [link]
  • Garcia-Villalba, M., Kidanemariam, A.G., Uhlmann, M., 2012, "Some aspects of the interaction between turbulent flow and fintite-size particles", Nonlinear transport, dynamics and fluctuations in condensed matter physics, Madrid (Spain), November 2012. [pdf]
  • Kidanemariam, A.G., Chan-Braun, C., Uhlmann, M., 2012, "Numerical simulation of horizontal turbulent flow with heavy finite-size particles", 9. EUROMECH European Fluid Dynamics Conference, Rome (Italy), September 2012. [link]