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Sediment transport in turbulent channel flow

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    Aman Kidanemariam, Markus Uhlmann

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In this project we investigate, via direct numerical simulation, the interaction between heavy finite size particles and the near-wall turbulence of a horizontal open channel flow over a smooth wall. The employed numerical method  accurately computes the flow field even in the vicinity of the particles by resolving the interface between the two phases by means of the immersed boundary method. Our aim is to provide data which will enable us to advance our knowledge of the dynamical interaction between finite-size particles and coherent structures. We address aspects such as the often observed local particle concentration at certain prefered regions of the bottom wall.

[1] Kidanemariam, A.G., Chan-Braun, C., Doychev, T. Uhlmann, M., Direct numerical simulation of horizontal open channel flow with finite-size, heavy particles at low solid volume fraction, New J. Phys., 15(2):025031, 2013, [DOI]


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