Institut für Hydromechanik

Dr. Agathe Chouippe

Forschungsinteressen und Werdegang

Research Interests:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to Multiphase Flow

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications:

  • Chouippe A., Krayer M., Uhlmann M., J., Kiselev A. and Leisner T. (2019) Heat and water vapor transfer in the wake of a falling ice sphere and its implication for secondary ice formation in clouds. New J. Phys., Vol.21 [DOI]
  • Chouippe, A. and Uhlmann, M. (2019) On the influence of forced homogeneous-isotropic turbulence on the settling and clustering of finite-size particles", Acta Mechanica, pp 1-26 [DOI]
  • Rawat, S., Chouippe, A., Zamansky, R., Legengre, D., Climent, E. (2019) Drag modulation in turbulent boundary layers subject to different bubble injection strategies, Computers and Fluids [DOI]
  • Uhlmann M. and Chouippe A. (2017) "Clustering and preferential concentration of finite-size particles in forced homogeneous-isotropic turbulence", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 812, 991-1023, [DOI]
  • Huisman, S. G., Barois, T., Bourgoin, M., Chouippe, A., Doychev, T., Huck, P., Morales Bello, C. E., Uhlmann, M. and Volk, R. (2016) Columnar structure formation of a dilute suspension of settling spherical particles in a quiescent fluid. Phys. Rev. Fluids Vol 1, 074204 [DOI]
  • Chouippe, A. and Uhlmann, M. (2015) "Forcing homogeneous turbulence in DNS of particulate flow with interface resolution and gravity", Phys. Fluids, 27(12):123301, [DOI]
  • Obligado, M., Machicoane, N., Chouippe, A., Volk, R., Uhlmann, M., Bourgoin, M. (2015) "Path instability on a sphere towed at constant speed", J. Fluid Struct., Vol. 58, pp. 99–108, [DOI]
  • Chouippe, A., Climent, E., Legendre, D., Gabillet, C. (2014), "Numerical simulation of bubble dispersion in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow", Phys. Fluids,  26(4):043304 [DOI]

Conference Contributions:

  • Chouippe A., Stumpf M., Uhlmann M., Dušek J., Kiselev A., Leisner T., "Numerical Simula- tion of a settling ice ball with coupled heat and mass transfer" (2016), 9th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, May 22-27 2016, Firenze, Italy
  • Uhlmann M., Chouippe A., "Analyzing the relation between finite-size resolved particles and coherent structures in forced homogeneous-isotropic turbulence" (2016), 9th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, May 22-27 2016, Firenze, Italy. 
  • Chouippe, A., Doychev, T., Uhlmann, M., "Settling of finite-size particles in isotropically forced, homogeneous turbulence: interface-resolved simulations" (2015), ETC15, Delft (The Nederlands) Aug. 25-28 2015
  • Chouippe, A., Uhlmann, M., “Fully resolved, finite-size particles in statistically stationary homogeneous turbulence" (2014), 10th European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Copenhagen (Denmark), Sept. 14-18 2014.
  • Uhlmann, M., Doychev, T., Kidanemariam, A.G., Chouippe, A., "The immersed boundary method as a tool for studying turbulence-particle interactions" (2014), ICNMMF-II, Darmstadt (Germany), June 2014.
  • Chouippe, A., Climent, E., Legendre, D., Gabillet C., "Numerical simulations of drag modulation by microbubbles in a turbulent Taylor-Couette flow" (2013), 8th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, May 26-31 2013, Jeju (Korea).
  • Climent, E., Nemri, M. , Chouippe, A., Gabillet, C., Charton, S., Legendre, D., "From passive tracer to bubble dispersion in Taylor-Couette flows" (2012), 23rd International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 19-24 August 2012, Beijing (China)
  • Chouippe, A., Climent, E., Legendre, D., "Bubble Dispersion in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow" (2010), 7th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, May 30 - June 4 2010, Tampa (USA)


Professional Career:

  • Master’s degree in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Engineering School ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France (2005 – 2008)
  • PhD at IMFT (Institut de Mecanique des Fluides de Toulouse), preparing a numerical study of bubbly drag reduction in Taylor-Couette flow (2008 – 2012)
  • Since 2013 Postdoc at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) focusing on sedimentation of particles in turbulent background flow